For anyone who has never worked with Shay and his studio's before. Firstly let me tell you, you would seriously be in for a treat the man is magic and can honestly get blood from a turnip. Having worked on two projects with Shay working with teenagers he really got the best from them. And they trusted him because he didn't take over, he treated them with respect as Artists. Shay truely is the master at what he does and the finish product stands testiment to his work. There are several producers in our area but i'd rather drive the 70 miles up to shays place for the best service Jean Long County Limerick (copied from comment to a blog entry)
Freds Johnston "I worked on several occasions in Shays Studio, on very different types of music, from acoustic to electric, on vocals and instrumentals, and on-site with the mobile recording facilities covering an entire festival of music and poetry. Great place to work, great atmosphere; great too to work with a guy who is interested in music and creating music and how things sound, trying to get the best out of the recording and the performer every time. You never get the notion of being rushed, but always are given the feeling of being the most important client in the studio at the time. Shay is a musician himself, which always helps. I would recommend Shay's Studio without hesitation." Fred Johnston, musician and Director of the Western Writers' Centre, Galway.
Shay Leon is one of the best sound engineers with whom we have worked. He is patient, dedicated and constantly thinks outside the box. He is one of the few engineers that does not impose his own views on how a musician or singer should sound. Instead, he works to deliver the sound that his clients seek. He has a relaxed and easy going presence that immediately puts performers at ease.

Paul Quin, Noiz Entertainment LTD

Moonfish Theatre "Shay Leon was utterly committed to our project, even though it was on a shoestring budget, wholly uncommercial and had actors-cum-singers recording for the first time. He went above and beyond the call of duty to make us feel relaxed, really enjoy the recording process, and get the best out of us as performers. Shay's enthusiasm and expertise ensured our satisfaction with the EP "The Music of Bonny and Read". We commend him highly, and can't wait to work with him again!"" Moonfish Theatre Company
Cormac AKA Big Monster Love "Shay's studio is a fantastic facility. Shay has a professional set up and is himself never less than professional. He lets the artist lead the way with regard to set-up, sound etc. and offers advice but doesn't dictate what can and can't be done in the studio. Shay's approach makes for an excellent working environment. We recorded 11 tracks in one day in the studio, recordings that included guitar, the in-studio grand piano and drums, with a minimum of fuss and complications. I would wholeheartedly recommend Shay's Studio to anyone looking for a professional recording but especially to those who wish to record piano based music." Cormac (AKA Big Monster Love)
Joe Burke

A nice comfortable and peaceful place to record.

Lovely warm sound.   Joe Burke

Shay Leon is friendly and affable and makes the performer feel relaxed and welcome. The setting is a charming one, in a rural bucolic area, which gets the artist into the suitable mood for the endeavour to come. I am not a technical person but the equipment seemed topnotch and I was very happy with the resulting sound quality. All in all, a strongly recommended experience!' Derek Fanning
JT Songs

"Shay's Studio is a special and interesting place. The unusual rural setting adds an otherwordly ambience to the sessions that is hard to match elsewhere. The man himself is a lifeforce of ideas and helpfulness. The equipment is world-class and top-notch mixing and mastering can be done easily on-the-spot." JT Songs, who recorded his three studio albums to date at Shay Studios.

Hally The studio is a top of the range recording, mixing and mastering suite enclosed in a creative natural environment. The distinct advantage of this studio however is Shay himself, a considerate, helpful and generous spirit who gives unselfishly of his expertise and quirky humour!" Hally
Raymond Keenaghan Many moons ago I had the pleasure of playing in the first band that ever recorded in Shay's studio. Since then I've observed Shay grow into the excellent, top quality professional sound engineer that he is today. I've recorded in the studio numerous times over the past few years with the band I drum in Wreck of the Hesperus and we keep going back because we've always been very happy with the results. We recorded our debut album there which was released by a British label and distributed all over the world. I've also recorded several spoken word stories in Shay's studio and these experiences have been a pleasure because of Shay's patience, humour and creativity. Shay is a friendly, hardworking person who does everything he can to deliver the recording you want. And his ears are as sharp as his cats which is an excellent asset when recording music!! Ray Keenaghan


"I really enjoyed my time recording in Shay's studio. Relaxed atmosphere in a delightful setting. Knowledgeable and efficient. Shay offered advice and got a great sound for me in a no-fuss manner. Professional and top quality. Great final mix. Effortless and easy the sign of a master at work. I will be back to record here again and again." Tarlach

Gary Burke Shay's Studio is the perfect place to get focused. It's not quite in the middle of nowhere but it's far enough away from any interferences that we could really get into what we were recording. We were looking to use some great mic's and equipment and we found that, and an engineer who knows how to use them to get what we wanted. There was a beautiful grand piano available to us at the studio also. No con's that I can think of! It's a great studio and it's remote enough for absolute peace and quiet while you work. Gary Burke
Cait Brennan “Shay’s studio allows professional recording in an calm, efficient and comfortable surroundings – I have worked with Shay alone and in groups over the past few years, and have always been very satisfied with the service provided. I’m happy to recommend Shay’s studio to anyone who wants a good job done with no haasle”. Cait Brennan
Lonneke Godjin The accoustics of the studio is superb, it gives a clear quality and warmth to the sound. In addition, I feel very much at ease with Shay, which helps as I am a musician more used to home recording. Lonneke Goddijn
Vengeance Shay's Studio was a brilliant place to record. It was our first ever time to record so Shay was extremelly helpful and patient with us. He even kindly suggested a thing or two to add into our songs so we took his advice and it turned out to be better that we had expected making our music tracks sound more professional! At the end of the day, we could easily see that Shay Leon put his blood, sweat and tears into making our recordings sound perfect. We would recommend Shay's Recording Studio to anyone and everyone without the need to think twice. Vengeance



"I, Rois (Co. Galway) bought my husband George for our 1st Wedding Anniversary a day in Shays studio to record 3 songs to CD, the experience was fantastic, Shay was so helpful and remained very calm and so experienced and definately bought out the best in George. The present is an amazing keepsake and I am delighted with the results, George's CD was also aired on Midwest Radio! Shay is a lovely, charming man who put us completely at ease and we enjoyed the day so much. Thank you Shay!" Rois

I had great craic with my brother recording a seisiún in Shay's studio. His studio has come on so much since my first visit there.Not only that, he has endless patience and is very helpful. He used his portable equipment to great effect by coming to our school in Barna, and recording many interesting tracks with the children. Can't recommend him enough. Seán Cullen


We recorded our CDs "Dusty Banjos" , "The Learners Club" and "The Learners Club 2" at Shay's Studio, and we were very pleased with the results. The studio is in a lovely setting, very relaxed, and Shay was very professional, patient and down to earth. We're hoping to be recording there soon again, and are looking forward to it. We would gladly recommend the studio to anyone. Community Music Crew

Having worked with Shay twice with two separate bands, i can safely say that he meets all the criteria of a top producer/engineer. Shay has patience in abundance, a friendly manner and made us feel very comfortable which all adds to a positive recording experience. Always willing to listen to your ideas and not afraid to give his own opinions i can highly recommend Shay to anybody looking for a great studio setup. Looking forward to working with him again! Dave Gleeson

Our few days with Shay were without doubt the most enjoyable recording process any of us had ever been involved in. He was open and eager to try out all of our madcap ideas and his knowledge and understanding of different musical styles, sounds and ideas made him the perfect man to help us acheive what we were after. Something many people in studios these days can't do. Shay gave us a deeply personal recording that we felt best reflected both our bands vision and his competance in the recording and mixing process. The entire time we spent working with Shay didn't feel like work, but more like a relaxed and fun jam seesion. I would definately recomend recording here! Our only gripe with the place was that his cats were just too cute! You'll want to take them home! Eoin Holohan

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